Outrageous Love Story Time

Join Valentine Story Time

February 14th - 8 pm CET


Are you ready to Outrageously Love yourself?

To love yourself is actually the realization that no story is extra. 
No person's story is extra and no page in anyone's book of life—in what we call our Sacred Autobiography—is extra. 

Your story is Chapter and Verse in the great story, in the Universe: a Love Story. 

To love yourself is to actually retell your story as
an Outrageous Love Story
and to fall in love with the guest star
the Master in your story: 


To love yourself—not in a generic way, not in just a broad or general way—you have got to love yourself specifically, uniquely, and particularly.

If you love yourself like that you are ALIVE with RADIANCE. 

We will get together on Valentine's Day and we will be talking about YOUR story. 

So we may all remember that OUR Unique Story is an Outrageous Love Story!

We come together as revolutionaries, we come together to move the needle. 


This event is organized by the Outrageous Love Festival

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