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Take Your Seat at the Table of
Humanity’s New Renaissance

There's no shortage of crisis in the world.
Our crisis is a birth.
Crisis is an Evolutionary Driver.
Emergency Generates Emergence.
Every Breakdown opens the door for a Breakthrough.

The COVID-19 Global pandemic makes us realize crisis like never before. At the same time it is but one of the catastrophic and existential crises we as humanity are facing.

Crises, like unprecedented numbers of people trafficked and enslaved, fatal social injustice, addiction epidemics, failure to enact global public goods, compounding environmental degradation, incessant war and other unsustainable practices, are now looming in catastrophic proportions on humanity’s collective doorstep.

We stand on the brink: How will we navigate our way through these emerging catastrophic risks? Much less the existential crisis that may well be coming?

How do we create what Barbara and Marc call "source code solutions" to emerge, connected and empowered, ready to herald a radical new way of living adequate to thrive in the short as well as the long run?

Barbara & Marc, together, are guiding the way, constructing a map for Conscious Evolution, outlining steps for exponential self-transfiguration:

The 11th Hour includes powerful formulas for:
Discovering Your "Deepest Heart’s Desire"

New Source Code Maps that can help you take the next great
leap of emergence in your own life

How to Connect your Personal love story to the larger love story of reality

New Maps of Relationship: “From Role Mate to Soul Mate to Whole Mate”

The Core Principle of what Barbara and Marc call “ the Intimate Universe”

Your Transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo Amor;
the Emergence of the New Human and the New Humanity as YOU

The wonder of stepping into Vocational Arousal, a state of
heightened creative intention that points your inner compass toward
what Barbara loved to call your own “quantum evolution”

The Movement from Win-Lose Metrics to Unique Self Symphonies

What is a Unique Self Symphony and why does it matter so much?

How to Participate in what Marc and Barbara have called
the next Step in Evolutionary Intimacy

"A Planetary Awaking in Love Through Unique Self Symphonies"

Accessing the skills to close the gap between your “ability to feel the pain
and your ability to heal the pain”

Playing a Larger Game Starting Today

Participating in the Evolution of Love
The 11th Hour is a gift, a gift that could slip between our fingers if we do not reach out, take the hand of destiny and emerge into our unique potential to change the game - individually AND collectively.

What people are saying about the 11th Hour:

This series has been a God send and I’m eternally grateful for crossing paths with you all. Big thank you from the bottom of my heart.
          —Teana S.
Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and insight. I am beginning to get a clearer understanding, now, of how humanity can change our pathway and safely cross the precipice. The knowledge that it took only about 1000 informed individuals to bring about the changes of The Renaissance, was so encouraging. I am enjoying this journey with the two of you very much. (Chapter 3)
All this is so very timely.
          —Tilly D.
This was very enlightening for both my husband and me.  You and Barbara both were able to state so eloquently many of the things that I have been so distressed about of our society since about 2006, and I now feel inspired to find ways to include myself back into the world again.  Thanks so much for your particular combined insights of hope.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  And I send the energy of Barbara my gratitude, as well.  What an amazing woman!  I feel so priveleged to have had the opportunity to experience both of you together like that.
          —Wendy R.
What a pleasure ;-) !!!! Now I know who I am! Now I know why I am how I am. Thank you soooooo much! I feel blessed and happy and full of love and desire. And beside this there is a wonderful peace and gratitude to be me as the universe. I feel like a child who discovers our new environment. . . . . . The puzzle pieces perfectly fit. Thanks again! (Chapter 5)
          —Ingeborg rich and deep...
          —Ann H.
... there’s a lot of info here... and then we get the divine conscious evolution queen to drop little delicious nuggets here in there with a knowing smile on her face ... as she noted she could’ve left anytime...

Thank you Marc, Barbara and the team that must be supporting this awesome program looking forward to breaking new ground this week
With infinite love
Homo Amor !
          —Guy L.
You both put into words a deep feeling I have been trying to understand for some time. Thank you so much and keep it coming!!
"These 12 sessions are amazing; they are like a cross between a masterclass and a fireside chat.
Amazing information, you’ll get answers to a lot of today's most pressing questions."
          —Christopher Van Buren
thank you – wonderful, compelling series.
           —Norma A.
Thank you for sharing the knowledge that love and obligation were at times the same word...........
Your insights are so very helpful and appreciated.

Barbara, I could feel the new God, the new intimacy created by you and Marc expressing your Deepest Heart's Desires together, ever deepening further still into your Deepest Heart's Desire in service to all, get us over the 11th hour. ... Thank you for the Intimacy of God!
           —Susan B.
Thank you for a very stimulating first chapter, especially the idea of memories of the future. ...Looking forward to more stimulating session[s] of the 11th Hour.

The Foundation for Conscious Evolution in Partnership with LaunchMoxie Presents:

One Year after her passing, Barbara Marx Hubbard's
Final Great Gift to Humanity Is Now Available:

The 11th Hour Series
with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Marc Gafni

Twelve deep discussions - PLUS amazing bonuses - about the most pressing issues of our time and what we have the response-ability to do now if we want to affect the trajectory of the future for ourselves, humanity and our planet.

Take a guided journey to the leading edge of human evolution, gain the insights and tools to become your own unique story of outrageous love.

Together, we will...

      • Recognize and accept the invitation to chart a new future.
      • E​ngage the attractive forces of Clarified Desire and Allurement to guide us.
      • ​Follow OUTRAGEOUS LOVE through OUTRAGEOUS PAIN to discover the new narratives of identity, love, intimacy, desire, power, and community that we need so desperately to guide us.
      • Learn to play our Instruments in the Unique Self Symphony of life.
      • Quit the quest for purpose in life and live a life that is self-evidently meaningful.
      • ​Articulate a new vision of community equal to our potential as a species.

      In the 11th Hour Series, We Will Explore

      • The Planetary Invitation
      • ​Our Crisis Is a Birth
      • ​The New Dharma of Unique Self & Outrageous Love
      • ​The New Story: Allurement, Desire & Intimacy
      • The Intimate Universe in Person
      • Joining Genius & Vocational Arousal
      • ​The Six Core Human Needs & How to Fulfill Them
      • ​The Ecstatic Obligation of Intimacy
      • Living Your Deepest Heart's Desire
      • And so much more!

      Acclaim for Marc and Barbara:
      With exceptional brilliance and an awakened heart, Dr. Marc Gafni speaks to all of us who are interested in the evolution of consciousness. His teachings on the Unique Self enlightenment are essential for the next stage in our evolution.
                 —Michael Bernard Beckwith
      “Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the truly great visionaries of our time. Breathtaking in scope and stunning in insight, Barbara is providing a blueprint for the reconstruction of human reality so bold and yet so completely right, as to ignite the deepest sense within us that we can, and we must, join in this co-creation now.”
                 —Neale Donald Walsch
      "Marc Gafni is by all accounts larger than life in his gifts of brilliance, presence and being. He is also funny, sincere, and poignant. ... His elegant mind and wildly open heart seeks to, as he puts it, “evolve the source code” of what it means to be a human being. His great call to us all is for the democratization of greatness."
                 —Sally Kempton
      “Barbara Marx Hubbard has become the voice for conscious evolution in our times.”
                 —Deepak Chopra
      “Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of America’s brightest lights. She makes this very complicated moment in history seem like a glorious opportunity. She gives guidance, and she gives hope.”
                 —Marianne Williamson
      "Unique Self, a term coined and a concept and realization developed by Marc over the last fifteen years, represents a truly world-centric, planet-centric and kosmocentric evolutionary mysticism. It changes the way we think about enlightenment by integrating the enlightenment traditions of the pre-modern east and modern west in a higher integral embrace."
                 —Sean Esbjörn-Hargens PhD
      “Dr. Marc Gafni’s teaching on the Unique Self radically evolves the way we understanding and realize enlightenment. He is a great teacher of both heart and mind . His penetrating depth, practicality, and heartfelt charisma will change your life.”
                 —John Gray
      “There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society – is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.”
                 —Buckminster Fuller
      “It is very rare that one comes across a teacher or a book that is ‘changing the game.’ My friend, Dr. Marc Gafni is such a teacher. He is a rare combination of brilliance, depth, and heart. Marc’s teaching on the Unique Self in an evolutionary context is ‘changing the game.’”
                 —Michael Murphy

      Barbara and Marc are world-class teachers of Conscious Evolution and Unique Self Awakening. They have offered private coaching for fees ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars and they have given their lives to the formulation of the memes and distinctions in this program. Here, they join together in an affectionate 'Joining of Genius' to explore the most relevant details that have emerged from each of their decades of devotional work, all designed to help you bridge the gap to a new, fulfilling, and connected life of joy and abundance.

      This entire program plus bonuses is offered for only $97.

      You have every reason to sign-up today and gain insights into your FULL Human Potential.

      Everything that comes with your 11th Hour Purchase:
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      * All twelve 11th Hour conversations
      * Transcripts of each session
      * Includes Introduction to 'Homo amor universalis'

      Additional new bonus content to help you across the precipice in this 11th Hour:

           >  Two Short eBooks and a Video on Spiritual Sense Making in Times of Crisis
           >  Five sessions with Barbara Marx Hubbard from our premium course
               “Becoming a Future Human”
                >>  The Universe Story and Conscious Evolution
                >>  Homo Co-Creator
                >>  The Co-Creative Society
                >>  Unique Self Unites with Universal Self
                >>  Emergence of Unique Self
           >  Four in-depth explorations of the joined-genius project: Wheel of Co-creation 2.0
                >>  Barbara and Marc’s First Public Conversation about the Wheel of
                      Co-creation 2.0: Placing Your Unique Self into the Wheel
                >>  In-depth Conversation 1: “Barbara and Marc’s Wheel”
                >>  In-depth Conversation 2: New Memetic Codes -
                      The Universe: A Love Story & The Tenets of Intimacy
                >>  In-depth Conversation 3: Exploring New Memes:
                      The Tenets of Intimacy Part 2

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