Finally... all of the personal support you need To Build An Unstoppable Online Business!

We know what you’re going through right now. You have a mission and a purpose in your life to make an impact in the world but you’re stuck.  

You’re confused by the mixed messages out there about how to market your business and which strategies to implement

It seems like all the “gurus” are teaching different and contradictory strategies that work for THEM, but you don’t know or trust that they’ll work for you. 

And because of that...

You struggle with reaching your ideal clients and getting attention online while staying authentic. Let’s face it, there are some strategies out there that are borderline unethical…even manipulative. You want to get the message out there – and sleep well at night with a clear conscience.
You’re having trouble getting qualified leads and end up compromising taking on non-ideal clients. There are a lot of strategies out there teach you to “just get customers” but they end up frustrating you, wasting your time, and make you question why you got into business in the first place.
You’re confused about how to set up your marketing and sales funnel, or worse, you’ve just avoided them altogether. There are so many competing strategies out there that you suffer from “analysis paralysis” – unable to take the first step.
You’re constantly juggling all the moving parts of your business – and it’s leaving you exhausted and unsure about where to focus your time and energy. As a result, you do nothing because of overwhelm OR you do the wrong things, and your business continues to stagnate as a result.
You’re tired of using online marketing tactics that don’t feel true to who you are. Let’s face it – some strategies are borderline mercenary thanks to their multiple upsells, aggressive copy, and other “salesy” tactics that make you uncomfortable.
The Evolutionary Business Accelerator
The sole mission of the Evolutionary Business Accelerator is to help you create a sustainable and thriving business through effective, efficient marketing communications and business systems.
We know that you want to make an impact in the world. But you can't do that if you don't have a steady stream of clients or customers who are ready, willing and capable of paying for your products, programs and services. 

We also know that you've already invested a lot of time, energy and money into building your business and that you just want some direction on where to focus your business activities... so that you're making appropriate decisions based on your stage of business growth and doing the things that will lead to the fastest path to profits while serving humanity and this planet in a powerful way. 

And that's why...
This Isn't Another Coaching Program...
This Is An Implementation Program


Evolutionary entrepreneurs, like yourself, struggle with getting focused on business activities - because you are a visionary. You constantly have new ideas and what often starts out as a simple project can quickly turn into an overwhelming endeavor. 

This program will help you implement simple systems and processes that keep you focused on the tasks that will bring you the greatest return on investment in the shortest period of time.


Digital marketing is a necessary activity for any business, online or offline in the 21st century. But traditional 'internet marketing' tactics that are inauthentic and incongruent with your values won't work for you. They make you feel disconnected from the people you want to reach. Social media and email marketing feels like a necessary evil, even though the voice in your head says, "I'm supposed to do it". 

This program will assist you in executing an engagement marketing strategy that will allow you to reach a global audience without compromising your deep value for authentic connection.


"Leaky Funnel Syndrome" afflicts 95% of evolutionary entrepreneurs. That means you don't have well-planned systems and processes for capturing and segmenting potential ideal clients. The end result is that you're left wondering why nobody is opening your emails, showing up at your webinars or purchasing your products and services.

This program will guide you in creating a marketing and sales funnel that cultivates and nurtures authentic relationships with your prospects and clients, giving your business the solid foundation it needs to be sustainable and grow over time.
Your investment: $4,997 - paid in full
5 monthly payment of $1,099
This Program Is Now Closed 
We’ll Keep You Focused And Motivated So That You Implement!
You'll Have A Marketing And Sales Funnel That Makes Your Business Unstoppable.  Here's How We'll Do That: 
Live Mentorship & Breakout Sessions
You'll get to “raise your hand” and ask us any question and present us with a problem you’re going through. The rest of the group will brainstorm and collectively formulate an answer to your questions.

**Live Mentorship Sessions**
Sessions with Kim or Lisa are Thursdays at 12 pm Pacific / 3 pm Eastern starting October 20th through March 30. There will be a one-month implementation break from December 15 - January 5.

October 20
October 27
November 3
November 10
November 17
November 23 (because of Thanksgiving on 24th)
December 1
December 8

*December 15 - January 5 is an implementation break - no calls, but Facebook support will be available

January 12
January 19
January 26
February 2
February 9
February 16
February 23
March 2
March 9
March 16
March 23
March 30

Specific Implementation Action Plans 
At the end of each weekly class so you know exactly what you need to do that week to move your business forward. Step by step, and week-by-week, you’ll be creating the marketing/sales funnel you need to attract your ideal clients.

Bonus Membership in the Private Facebook Group - The Business Acceleration Lab 
Join past and current members in this exclusive Facebook Implementation Lab. You can post any question you have about the program or talk about any roadblock you’re running up against. That’s right, you won’t just be going through this program – you’ll have us there to support you and the rest of the EBA community to ensure you actually get results from this program. 

An Online Learning Hub and Forum 
Here's where you can access all of your training materials 24/7 including recordings of our live mentorship sessions. This is also where you’ll you can post your weekly assignment for that week for feedback and comments from Kim and Lisa.

Supplemental “Bonus” Sessions
We'll be hosting bonus calls that will cover whatever you need help with as your build your Accelerator, including sessions on the hottest tips on using LiveStream Video, information about what’s actually working NOW in online marketing, as well as how to implement some of the “techy” steps regarding building a sales funnel…and a whole LOT more.

 And Throughout Our Time Together You'll Build:
An engagement marketing plan that leverages live-stream video, email and your preferred social media platform to build authentic connections throughout all of your online communication activities


A rock-solid marketing and sales funnel
 that nurtures relationships and 
ascends your clients from your low-end to your premium offerings.
You'll Develop and Implement A Strategy That:
You'll Create and Deploy Systems and Processes That:
  • Gains the trust and respect of your ideal clients through all of your online communication activities
  • Cultivates and nurtures authentic relationships so that your prospects and clients feel connected to you
  • Establishes you as a leader amongst your prospects, colleagues and other industry influencers
  • Builds a human-factor around your brand through real-time, face-to-face connection
  • Keep you focused on the business activities that are appropriate for your stage of business growth
  • Generate consistent and predictable results so that you don't feel like you're treading water to stay afloat 
  • Nurture long-term relationships with your prospects and clients so that you always have people who are ready to purchase your next offering 
  • Maximize all of your business assets so that you're not losing prospects or profits
Is the Evolutionary Business Accelerator For You?
The Evolutionary Business Accelerator is for a small group of seriously committed business owners only. To participate in this high-level program you must agree to the following:
I agree that I have an existing business (selling a product, service or program) that has generated at least $10,000 in the past year.
I understand that getting results takes action and implementation and I agree to participate 100% in this program to achieve those results. 
I understand that I need to invest in the proper tools to grow my business and I agree that I have, or will invest software or platforms in order to execute the strategies in this program.  Some examples include:

- Clickfunnels, LeadPages or comparable program
- Email management program (such as ActiveCampaign,
Ontraport or Infusionsoft. MailChimp is not recommended.)
- Ability to take credit cards
- Website - Wordpress, Squarespace, etc.
I understand that this program is an implementation program (not a "learn then do") and therefore I need at least 2-3 hours per week to listen to the training and attend the Q&A calls, and I need an additional 2-8 hours per week to implement the strategies.

Here's the thing...

We'd love to be your partners in creating a business that WORKS and that's unstoppable:

With 23+ years worth of combined experience coaching evolutionary business owners like yourself, we can assure you that you’re working too hard to make your living without this information.
Best part: you will be a part of a carefully assembled mastermind alliance of forward- thinking, upwardly-mobile entrepreneurs, each bringing different experience, knowledge, contacts and resources to the table.
There is something almost “mystical” when the creative process within the group is “clicking.” You CAN actually feel the energy on the live calls – and breakthrough ideas and realizations do occur as if out of thin air.
So now’s the time to let the world benefit from your gift. Invest in Evolutionary Business Accelerator today, join the community, and we’ll see you on the first call on October 20th.
Lisa Engles & Kim Carpenter
kim and lisa
Don't take our word for it, here's what other people are saying about the Evolutionary Business Accelerator
Deb Boulanger and Kim Carpenter
"I've spent thousands of dollars on programs, and I've never had this much personal support!"
Kevin Hill, Copywriter
"The Professor Of High Response"
"I got clarity, focus and clear course of action."

I have been through multiple online marketing programs and have been a part of million dollar online marketing launches during my 10 years as a professional copywriter.  I will have to say that Evolutionary Business Accelerator has been the most impactful course I have ever taken.  Kim and Lisa really care about the attendees and have way over delivered.  I now have a marketing and sales funnel that I've been "putting off" because I've been busy serving clients, but thanks to the focus and clarity Kim and Lisa have helped me obtain, I am extremely excited to move forward with my business. 

So I highly recommend joining Evolutionary Business Accelerator if you need clarity, focus and a clear course of action regarding setting up your business online.  The best part is they present the information is a clear and straightforward manner and are extremely patient when it comes to taking questions and extremely thorough with their answers.  They really know their stuff.

Annick Magac  
Coach,  and Author of CLEAR
"Lisa and Kim have exceeded my expectations, they go above and beyond."
Dana Rivera
Video Editor and Vision Mentor
"I went from feeling frustrated and frantic with my online marketing to implementing systems and processes that are helping me to get clients in a way that feels connected to who I really am. "
Janet Zaretsky
Coach, Professional Speaker
"This program is a pot of gold!"
There is a ton of information and people offering programs and making huge promises that make almost no difference or leave you more confused than when you began. The differentiation between the Evolutionary Business Accelerator and all the other programs is that it is a step by step training and implementation program where you end up with something you can put to work right away and grow your business. This program is truly a pot of gold. If all of the other ‘gurus’ had the integrity of Lisa and Kim, the world for coaches would be so much richer-- these women are the real deal- powerhouses who are truly committed to your success.
Sara Sherman, Coach
"You don't just have an understanding of how to create, you have a creation."
The thing with Kim and Lisa’s program is that you have an actual product, strategy, and communication system around that product when you finish the programYou don't just have an understanding of how to create, you have a creation! This fact sets this program apart. The other pivotal difference is that enrollees are cradled in support. There is no wondering if you will get individualized support, no bitching to your friends that you bought this thing and you are floundering on your own, hoping you are applying the steps correctly. You are in a totally safe, loving, and intimately supportive setting. To me, these are over the top benefits.
Amanda Lee
Founder, The Happiness HQ
"I finally feel that it's possible for my rubber to hit the road."
I love the way you delivered this course. I have done SO many trainings with some big leaders in the field and this is the first of its kind that I've encountered. Not to mention, the first where I feel that it is making it possible for my 'rubber to hit the road' so to speak.
Heidi Hornlein
Integral Relationship Coach
"Lisa and Kim are fulfilling a real need in the coaching industry."
The Evolutionary Business Accelerator is for anyone who wants to build an business online in order to create a better world through their gifts, experience and wisdom - but who are having a hard time despite taking numerous marketing programs already. Lisa and Kim are really fulfilling a need in the coaching industry because they are helping evolutionary entrepreneurs build real online businesses, not just giving more tactics and ‘one-off’ strategies.
Charla Mahon
Owner/Founder, We Manage Your Biz

"The one-on-one interaction and real-time feedback with Lisa and Kim on the group calls is invaluable."
The Evolutionary Business Accelerator goes in depth, it's comprehensive, yet Lisa and Kim have built into​ it​ the opportunity to absorb and apply what you learn right away. The one-on-one interaction with them on the group calls is invaluable. Everyone who wants it can get their real-time feedback and put it to work immediately in their​ ​b​usiness, making this training truly invaluable to those who want to grow their businesses using online strategies.
Your investment: $4,997 - paid in full
5 monthly payment of $1,099
This Program Is Now Closed...
Tidbits about us that might help you decide if we're a fit for you...
Kim and Lisa are the co-founders of Wake Up & Change The World, a done with you digital marketing consultancy providing purpose-driven strategy and training to accelerate business growth, community engagement and social impact.  

We are certified conversion funnel specialists, qualified to help businesses architect sales and marketing funnels that reduce initial customer acquisition costs while simultaneously increasing lifetime customer value.  We are also certified content marketing specialists, with expertise to help you build your brands authority, and authentically nurture your prospect/customer relationships.
Your investment is only $1997
(total value over $4,000!)
$1997- Pay In Full
3 Payments of $730

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Backed by our satisfaction guarantee

If you complete the program - implementing all exercises, worksheets, and strategies, and you're not 100% satisfied, we will reimburse your investment minus a $50 processing fee.
Your investment is only $1997
(total value over $4,000!)
$1997- Pay In Full
3 Payments of $730

Secure Shopping Cart

Backed by our satisfaction guarantee

If you complete the program - implementing all exercises, worksheets, and strategies, and you're not 100% satisfied, we will reimburse your investment minus a $50 processing fee.
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