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A group of pioneering souls who are participating in creating a world equal to our potential
Dear Friend,

We live in a time of radical uncertainty-- a time in which social structures are fracturing and governments seem unable to cooperate.  

Power struggles ensue, resulting in terrorism, racism, sexism...

In public culture, we're witness to blatant lies trumping truth and motives which aren't noble, but malicious.  
There's no question, we're facing an existential crisis, and...
We're also facing an existential OPPORTUNITY.
You see, the breakdown that we're experiencing as a collective is a vital Evolutionary Driver. It's an evolutionary call to all of us to participate in creating a world equal to our highest potential and to know that we're not alone in doing it.

When we recognize this Truth, we also understand that we're being personally implicated in the task, which in turn activates a joyful sense of urgency within.
The Evolutionary Church Collective is our response to the these times of global uncertainty, crisis and breakdown.   

We are a group of pioneering souls who are committed to activating a new set of potentials within ourselves and within humanity so that we can cross the evolutionary threshold into a viable and sustainable solution for a radically new way of living in symbiotic relationship with each other where we all become agents of personal and social change.
And You're Invited To Join The Collective!
As a member of the Evolutionary Church Collective, not only will you become part of a leading edge movement to evolve the source code of public culture along side the worlds two leading thinkers and teachers in Conscious Evolution and Unique Self Enlightenment, you'll:
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  •  Enjoy enriching discussions with your evolutionary peers
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